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Integrative Trauma Recovery (ITR) Group

Trauma affects the body and the mind. At one time it was commonly believed that simply being able to tell the story of your trauma was sufficient for healing. We now know that to be untrue. In fact, being made to retell the story without having the necessary skills to handle the overwhelm that arises in the telling can actually reinforce the trauma or cause you shut down.

In this group you will not be asked to tell the story of your trauma. Instead we will work to help you build a toolkit for emotional and physiological regulation based on best practices from Yoga, Somatic Experiencing and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy.  Over 24 weeks, the activities each week gradually help you to learn about how your nervous system works, how trauma triggers cause emotional dysregulation and how to work with these triggers. We also look at how relationships get affected and affect dysregulation and how to work with relational dynamics in an effective way.

An individual intake appointment is required in order to participate in the group. No new members are added once the group starts, and there is a maximum of 8 participants. Even without retelling your trauma narrative, there may be emotional responses to the topics and skills, therefore each group member is also required to have an individual therapist that they are seeing on a regular basis.

Email Francine if you are interested in the group to set up your intake appointment.

Tuesdays, 4-5:30pm
Online via Zoom


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Yoga for Your Mood

Yoga is really beneficial for working with anxiety, depression, and the effects of trauma. However, not all yoga practice is the same, and it is important to know what interventions are likely to work for your particular mood state.

In this 4-week workshop we will briefly discuss the rationale behind different yoga practices and how to use these interventions to help you to manage your mood. Whether you're anxious or depressed, these trauma-sensitive classes will help you to gain the tools and understanding to feel more in control of your emotional state.

Not currently scheduled

Getting To Know Your Pelvis Through Yoga

Maria Mendola, an amazing yogini and creator of Functional Yoga Therapy, describes the pelvis as "The center of the known Universe." I agree! The pelvis is a hub of activity for muscles and organs. It is part of the core support of the body and a primary area for elimination and sexuality - vital life forces. Because many women don't have adequate knowledge about the physiology and functionality of the the pelvis, problems in this area seem mysterious. A lot of women grow up thinking that incontinence is an inevitability for anyone that gave birth to babies. That's not true! Just like the rest of the body, keeping the pelvis toned and flexible yields lasting benefits.

In this 2-part workshop participants will learn about the anatomy and physiology of the pelvis; how the pelvis is a part of the body's "core;" how to build core strength and increase hip flexibility; common practices that negatively affect pelvic health and what to do instead; how anxiety affects pelvic health and ways to work with it; the structures of the pelvis that support sexual satisfaction and why diet pop isn't your pelvis's best friend. We will also work with mantra and mudra for the first 3 chakras.

Not currently scheduled