Where does the time go?

It recently occurred to me that instead of waiting until I had enough time to post I could just write less (i.e. less time!). Of course that efficiency with words is a challenge for me – all the more space to grow!

A few weeks ago it seemed that everywhere I went I was confronted with judgment. I began to feel so sad and defeated about the way that we humans deal with each other. I felt a strong sense of how we separate ourselves from each other and judge, rather than showing compassion. It also felt like I was being judged/misjudged.

It took me about a week to remember the Course in Miracles teaching that all we see is a projection of our inner world. Once I remembered that, and dusted out the corners of my mind, I found the judgment that I was holding and was able to let it go (at least for the moment). The effect on my physical, mental & emotional state was instantaneous. I literally felt the cloud life and my energy return. Amazing.